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We know that not many people wander into this section of a shop, but we are glad you are here. It's always nice to talk about oneself.

Meg's Cookie Crate was founded on the belief that cookies, especially incredibly tasty cookies, make life better. They just do. From the warm oven to your tastebuds, these magical morsels excite and satisy, every time.

Our cookies are made with our super secret repice and shipped fresh and individually wrapped. So you know that what you get is pretty darn close to eating them straight from the oven.

Meg's cookies are famously good. She's been known throughout her community for years for baking soft, chewy, and remarkably comforting cookies for many years.

So, whether you are looking to send happiness in a box to your college student or to your spouse at work, or just looking to satisfy that afternoon craving from something kinda sweet, we've got you covered.

Remember, life has simple pleasures in it for a reason. Cookies are one of those simple pleasures, and we think our cookies make life a little more sparkly. Enjoy.

-The Team at Meg's Cookie Crate


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